Thursday, April 5

oh god

its gone...

gone.. goneeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

do i know this?

i've realised something, when i blog, its only at those times when i feel something is about to happen or something is actually going on in my life, its always about the complication in 'the' life.
i feel rather weird though..

i think i am an emotion psychic ,haha. not sure if its the right word. ok.. let me explain my powers.
if i want something to happen , and before it happens, i would have a ringing sensation filling up my blood circulation , it goes right up. the only feeling i've felt was only 'disgusted of someone when he/she did something' but whats weird is that. it may not be something disgusting that he does, it may be something he did. like urm... picking up a pencil off the floor.. i know.. weird huh..

if im with that someone, once the bell starts ringing, it is an automatic no-go feeling towards him. i dont even know if this explanation will be understood by whoever that is reading this silly blog.

any ways.... i have a new feeling.. its just...oh god....
i hate it when i cant use words to describe something.
i must be really good if i know how to put feelings into words. i can make sounds.. like... urhhhmmmmm hmmmmm? hm hm hm.. haha
its just a weird feeling... after i felt that.. i think my feelings just fade... maybe not fade.. just... hm i dont know.
when i think about something , i will really have a full thought about it. so i rather not. be stupid... or wise...

yes true, mouth is the most dangerous thing. so now what you've said has been said and whats done is done. how i wish i could stop you from saying those words. you just rang that bell in me and made me 'think'.

my feelings are the most dangerous thing to a person...

to you..


Saturday, October 22

22 october 2011

It's not that we aren't meant to be together, I think that we're just not ready for forever

something i've realised.. why do you always put a 100% in a relationship? why? how do you know that this relationship will be the one? if you say 'LOVE' hmm, think twice .

Tuesday, August 23

like you never?

so many words so many lies, eenie mini mynie mo, which is told, which is hidden , which is the truth? be smart. be wise.

might think its a tiny lie? tell me the difference between tiny , small , big and huge lies? the size of it? well, what about similarity? they're just lies, still in one category.

but bare in mind people who accept those lies , always smiles and walk away.



Monday, July 18


dont you ever questioned yourselves?
some memories are automatically x-out but some stays put in the tiny lil part of the brain. say... the expression on your mummy's face when you first take your lil baby steps? i want to have a memory of how things felt or how things smelled, i want to have those kind of memories!

and those kind of memories which stays are somehow connected to feelings , something you want to hold on to or something you can't let go. well its like a diary.

recently, i've been haunting my memories, i've missed them, i want to be in that particular memory again, i want to do, say or feel the same again. i think i kinda need a time machine. well past is the past ay? that is why it is called 'memory' and they say move on...


Monday, January 3


have you ever felt so urghhhh erggghhhh irgggghhhhh??! eventhough you're shouting, no one hears you? yea. it feels like ripping off an expensive top!

Friday, October 1

what else?

what else can i do?